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Arabica Lounge review

Arabica Lounge review

Happy new years all, after a 2 month hiatus, i thought id add some amazing value and tell you about my adventures. Firstly, and most probably one of the best cafe’s i visited was Arabica lounge. This place has been around for years and is the cornerstone for shisha cafe’s all around Melbourne. Just down the road form its ‘brother’ cafe (cafe coco), it caters towards the younger market and is definetly female friendly. In fact, the person running the cafe is one of the most lovable females you will ever meet. It’s really rare to meet someone this enthusiastic about life and shisha!

As you walk in, you can tell this place is authentic, none of this cheesy, glitzy new age shisha bar stuff, just low to the ground couches and an electic yet old school shisha den feel, almost like Paymon’s in Vegas… And regardless of what nationality you are, feel free to hop over to the sound system and play your own music. The staff there thoroughly enjoyed the H-dhami and the Honey singh songs we played while we were there.

A regular head is $20 and a fruit head is $30 – BOTH are great. The shisha is nothing short of amazing, this has overtaken some of the shsiha that you used to get at arabesque (which is down gone downhill IMHO). 

Just check out the pictures, they say it all!

Shisha: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Verdict: You havent had a good shisha till you compare it to Arabica….. 


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Cupido update

So i decided to head over to cupido on Lygon street, and boy, was i shocked!

Ordered a lemon head shisha with grape mint. The shisha came out lop sided because the lemon was cut incorrectly (its relaly not that hard to make sure its even)…..

and then as we smoked the shisha, they started packing around us and we had to ask a few times for coals etc. A better way would have been to let us go elsewhere if they were really closing, becuase the shisha tasted like minty cardboard. 

Then then problem dawned on me, since the old owners left 4 months ago (yes i know i posted an update about a month ag on this place, but that was from 5 months ago), the place has turned around in a really bad way…. 

If your there, do yourself a favour, skip it, head over to min zaman as well. While the shisha is just above average, at least it wont taste like minty cardboard and the service is much better… 

Shisha update: 3/10


VERDICT: Stay away

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Playboy mansion shisha / hookah!!!

Playboy mansion shisha / hookah!!!

Yes, You read correctly, I had shisha / hookah at the playboy mansion, thanks to the awesome people at starbuzz shisha tobaco…. no review needed here, just pictures from the (in) famous unforgettable yearly halloween party….



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Achelya (docklands) review

Achelya (docklands) review

So Beau, Karsten and I decide to head down to Docklands to grab shisha at a place ive only tried once and didnt really think much of – Achelya.

Close to the city and the ‘convenient’ place for a lot of locals to come and have shisha, they try to create an almost ‘dubai marina’ type of atmosphere, with a shisha section, belly dancing and turkish food. Pity it leaves a lot to be desired – yes, harsh, I know, but then again, why go there when you can have shisha at some great places?

After a (over priced but tasty) meal in the restaurant section, we head down to the shisha section and proceed to order 4 shishas (yes 4!). And almost every flavour except the grape mint starts tasting pretty awful after 10 minutes. I suspect that thtye didnt wash the hoses or hookah stem that day, and you could tell.

Shisha: 5.5/10

Service: 7/10

ambience: 8.5/10


Verdict: Ive seen this place in the evenings and its got a great vibe, if only they made great shisha, they could be the best place in Melbourne…… If the owners are reading this, head down to Asmara and check out what you really need to do to create an amazing success!


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Cupido Review

Cupido Review

A place introduced to me by a good friend of mine, Robert, and owned and run by experienced shisha cafe people, Cupido is a gem in the city end of Lygon street.

Sure, its not the cheapest shisha in town, neither is the food ($30 for a clay head and $35 for a fresh head) but the ambience, the cool factor and the owners make it worth it….. 

The other closest place to melbourne city? Achelya in docklands… Head down to Lygon street instead and check out Cupido, especially after grabbing a woodfire pizza from across the road! Come down, chill out and graba juice lemon head. The lemons and oranges are the same size – get one filled with graphe ideally or even apple mint and enjoy a nice, juicy shisha that lasts forever – albeit with some interesting coals. 

Im not sure what they make the coals out of but they are awesome and let you smoke the shisha for hours. Try to get here during weekends (IF you can get a seat), order a grey goose and check out the belly dancer, hanging out with the ‘good looking crowd’.


Shisha: 7.5/10

Food: 7.5/10

Ambience: 8.5/10

Verdict: After grabbing a pizza, or Chinese from China town, head down here for your shisha fix, closest to the city



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Minzaman review

Minzaman review

Whats there to do on a lonely wednesday night? Yes, thats right, call over a beautiful friend and have some shisha of course!


I remember when Min zaman used to be my fortnightly hang out to take dates to, the cool place with the great shisha and the awesome managers who taught you Egyptian if you were keen….


…….. Alas as i used to go there more and more, the shisha got worse and worse … i think they lost themselves somewhere along the lines, getting too big for their britches, so I stopped going there a couple of years ago


This time…. things hadn’t really changed, the shisha had gotten slightly better, but it was still below par, even the usually flavoursome ‘rose’ shisha I had chosen (giving them the benefit of the doubt) lasted no longer than half an hour to an hour. TO make matters worse, it wasn’t just me, it was Julie as well who felt the change here.


Shisha 5/10

Ambience: 6/10

Service 7/10


Verdict: meh…. just go to cupido’s instead!





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Portable car shisha / hookah (powered by cigarette ligher) review

Check out the review for the portable car shisha / hookah.


This is powered by the cigarette lighter. Looks like a traditional hookah, but smaller and its got an electronic coal!


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